SFB 1177 practical course on autophagy

01. Aug 2016

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The practical course on autophagy, organized by SFB 1177 group leaders Christian Behrends and Christian Pohl, conveyed hands-on experience in autophagy research. In five days, the participants employed biochemical and cell biological assays to study the autophagy pathway and expanded their knowledge on model organisms such as C. elegans as well as on technologies like mass spectrometry and gene editing with CRISPR/Cas9. Daily lectures by senior scientists and group leaders complemented the practical focus of the workshop. By presenting their own preliminary data, both PhD students and Postdocs gained valuable insights into the currently running projects within SFB 1177, sowing the seeds for new collaborations amongst the members of the SFB graduate school. Thanks to all participants for creating a highly supportive and interactive atmosphere fostering the exchange of many experiences and advices!

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