Poster award for Franziska Eck

27. Sep 2019

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At this year’s GBM/DGZ Conference in Tübingen, SFB 1177 PhD student Franziska Eck was awarded with a prize in the amount of 250€ by the Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularmedizin (GBM) for one of the best posters.

Franziska introduced the conference participants to the complex world of human ATG8 family proteins. Her thesis aims at outlining the extent and dynamics of endogenous interactions of LC3/GABARAP proteins. She employed CRISPR/Cas9-based genome-editing to generate a panel of cells in which human ATG8 genes are seamlessly tagged at their natural chromosomal locations with an N-terminal affinity epitope. With this cellular resource, and using immunoprecipitation followed by mass spectrometry, she was able to map physiologically regulated endogenous ATG8 protein complexes and to determine their dynamics in response to autophagic pathway modulation. Surprisingly, she discovered a new connection between GABARAPL2, ufmylation and lipid droplets. Franziska originally started her project at IBC2 in Frankfurt and then moved together with her supervisor Christian Behrends to LMU Munich. The Behrends lab is interested in the function of autophagy and ubiquitin in proteostasis maintenance.

Besides the poster, Franziska was also given the opportunity to present her research in a so-called “Last Minute Excitement” to the full auditorium. Congratulations to Franziska for her outstanding work!

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