Successful prolongation of SFB 1177

25. Nov 2019

Image: news/sfb-1177-logo-1-.gif

We are very happy to announce that the German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund this SFB for another four years with >12 M €. This enables us to continue the ambitious and highly integrative work program to better understand the mechanistic regulation of autophagy networks in health and disease. With most projects critically depending on state-of-the-art technologies, a key part of the 2nd funding proposal relates to the substantial expansion of the central platforms. Besides extending the existing quantitative proteomics unit to include modeling and simulation methods, the consortium will also establish new platforms for genomic and chemical screening and for quantitative phenotype analysis. To close the gap on missing expertise, the team was also significantly enlarged, and we welcome all new colleagues from the Universities of Mainz, Tübingen and Freiburg and the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics on board!

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