04. Oct 2022


»04-07.10.2022 3rd Frankfurt Conference on Quality Control in Life Processes«

Casino Building

Campus Westend

26. Sep 2022


Image: peoples/rpotts-photo.jpg

Ryan Potts
Amgen, US

»Induced Proximity Medicines: Targeted Protein Degradation and Beyond«

Lecture Hall H20-5, Building 20

Campus Niederrad

Varun Shah

24. Aug 2022


Image: peoples/img-0020.jpg

Jürgen Götz
Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia

»Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis - pathways of Tau aggregation and clearance«

University Hospital Frankfurt,
Building 23,
Lecture Hall 4

Christian Behl

21. Jul 2022


Image: peoples/mayaschuldiner.jpeg

Maya Schuldiner
Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Molecular Genetics, Rehovot, Israel

»New Insights into Peroxisomes - Small Organelles with Exciting Biology and a Huge Impact on Human Health«

Klinikum der JGU Frankfurt, Hörsaalgebäude 20-5,  Audimax

Ivan Dikic

21. Jun 2022


Image: peoples/unbenannt.png

Annaliese Berry
University of California, Berkeley, US

»Inclusion of females as research subjects: how far have we come and where do we need to go?«

Virtual Lecture

Katharina Meyer

08. Apr 2022


Image: peoples/zheng-zhou-photo-by-microscope.jpg

Zheng Zhou
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, US

»The crosstalk between autophagy and the phagocytosis of apoptotic cells, two distinct garbage collecting mechanisms«

Virtual Lecture

Stefan Eimer

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